Increase your marketing budget with a free $10,000 per month in Google Search Ads with AdGrants

Hello friends. Most of you know that we are supporters of the clear systematization of work in order to achieve efficiency and free time and energy. Our AdGrants service is built on this principle – a lot of value, with a guaranteed end result (an approved project), a minimum investment of time on your part (completing two questionnaires and some email communication with us).

AdGrants can work for everyone under one condition – if after project approval you invest at least a little time to set up your ads and campaigns inside the Google Ads account where the budget is allocated OR if you develop a strategy for a marketing agency to execute for you. In both cases, we help you – we give you a lot of resources for self-education, as well as contacts of partners – trusted marketing agencies, if you want to delegate, both local and foreign, in case you want to use the budget for advertising and positioning in other locations (markets).

Our service for building and developing the marketing capacity of entrepreneurs, micro, SMEs, startups, consultants and non-profits is in this direction. The industry, whether you operate only in one market or outside the country and how many people you have in the team is irrelevant – we can assist. With an experience of over 400 successfully completed projects and giving a 100% money back guarantee on project approval, you should have no worries. If one or more of the characteristics below correspond to your current situation, at least contact us to discuss the topic:

  • Spending money on FB advertising.

  • You spend money on Google advertising.

  • You want to restructure your budget.

  • You are remarketing/retargeting.

  • You create content.

  • You're doing email marketing and it's a priority for you.

  • You have a marketing strategy.

  • You have a limited budget.

  • You do phone sales.

  • You want to do google advertising.

  • You want to advertise job opening/s.

  • You want to advertise an event.

  • You want more effective brand recognition.

  • You want more sales.

  • You want to advertise products.

  • You want to scale to other markets.

  • You want to advertise a service/s.

  • You want to grow.

Contact us by filling out the form – we can help.

We’ll send more information, maybe set up a meeting, and if we identify that we can be useful and it fits your priorities, let’s work together.

No strings attached.

Separately, we will also send ideas on how you can save 70%+ on the best software products: Google Workspace, Monday, CanvaPro, SalesForce, MailerLite, GetResponse, Trello, Asana, Slack, Zoom, Grammarly, Hotjar, CopySmith, HootSuite, MOZ, AirTable and more.

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What is Google AdGrants?

AdGrants is Google’s in-kind grant program that provides approved projects with up to $10,000 USD per month for keywords search advertising. Every day without an end date a grant-approved Google Ads account receives $329/day to be spent on a CPC per click model for ads and clicks to your program-approved website and all its pages and subdomains. After the approval of the project, you can advertise on a very wide range of keywords in the Google search engine.

This Google Search Ads budget will not only generate you traffic and new leads (inquiries/leads), but will also give you valuable quantitative and qualitative information on which to make data-driven decisions. The subsidy is for an unlimited period of time – we have clients who have been using the grant for more than 6 years. Without territorial and language restrictions – you can advertise both in your country/location and abroad and in all other languages ​​and locations available in Google Ads.

How can you use the grant?

The figures of these ten thousand are: about 3-4-5000 visitors per month to the website, most of which are remarketing audiences; 150-200 new email subscribers and other lead data (phones, names, etc.) you need. You can advertise multiple pages on your site with any goals (conversions) to achieve, including but not limited to:
  • Multiple Google ads and campaigns to your website.

  • Registrations on your website.

  • Fill out contact forms to contact you directly.

  • Referral for direct phone calls.

  • Registrations for your e-newsletter.

  • Book meetings with your team.

  • Filling out questionnaires, forms, quizzes to generate leads.

  • Online and offline event ads.

  • Collection of data for remarketing and retargeting.

  • Faster SEO results.

  • Video ads and any form of educational content on the website.

  • Advertisements of studies and e-books.

  • Additional brand recognition.

  • Ads to articles, publications.

  • Ads on infographics and audio content.

  • Paid (PR) articles on the grant website.

  • Advertising job advertisements.

  • Sale of services through the website.

  • Advertising on multiple landing pages.

  • Using extensions in ads.

  • Collection of donations through the site.

  • Sale of products through the website.

  • Use of a chatbot on the website.

  • Use of all functionalities of google search ads.

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To take advantage of this offer, contact us directly through the form.
Investor presentation-bro 120000.BG SOP Google Workspace page

Separately, we will also send ideas on how you can save 70%+ on the best software products: Google Workspace, Monday, CanvaPro, SalesForce, MailerLite, GetResponse, Trello, Asana, Slack, Zoom, Grammarly, Hotjar, CopySmith, HootSuite, MOZ, AirTable and more.


400+ successful projects. 100% money back guarantee guarantee of approval or the amount paid is returned. A contract is also concluded, where the guarantee is also legally described.

Linkedin feedback here and in Georgi’s profile.

Contact us through the form on this page for a personalized quote for your specific case. We guarantee the best price-quality-value ratio at an affordable price for any company. We have our own cost optimization methodology to assist you. Get in touch with us.

Everything you need for a successful approval. The service is complex and the mandatory things we have to do for each client are administrative and AdGrants approval, which goes through several phases. From there, the most important part is the website, for which there are two options:

1/ If your website does not currently meet the AdGrants policies, and mainly in order to save you time, money and not change its focus, we build you one additional website that has $10000 per month for Google Search Ads, according to your preferences (domain, design, content) and the profile of your ideal client, to answer their Google searches. And you can use the grant in the ways described here and your priorities.

2/ In about 30-40% of cases we can work with your current website. We do a thorough revision-analysis, which we send to you. We aim for approval with the minimum set of changes to the AdGrants policies. And either you/your devs reflect the changes or you can give us access to integrate them on your website.

(1) Not exactly a bonus, but an additional service for processes and systems based on Google Workspace integration with an extremely good price-quality ratio – a promising infrastructure that you can use for up to 20 business domains; use from any device (phone, tablet, computer); online meetings with team, partners and clients with one click; measurability; admin, users, gmail to your domain address, g. calendar, google drive and documents, meet (the alternative to zoom) video and audio meetings and much more; we approve, integrate and maintain for you. See more on this page. The service can be used at the customer’s request both independently and in combination with the AdGrants service.

(2) And many bonuses to both services. You can get 50%+ discounts on including but not limited to the products and services below:

  • Zoom – online meetings software – 50% discount (usually €14/month).
  • SalesForce – CRM – 10 free SF Enterprise licenses (usually 150$/month/user).
  • GetResponse – email marketing and newsletter software – 50% discount from all the plans (usually at least €10/month/1000 contacts).
  • Slack – team collaboration chat software. Pro free for up to 250 users, 85% discount on higher plans (usually 7$/month/user).
  • AirTable – data management and project collaboration software – 50% discount (usually at least 10$/month/user).
  • Hotjar – heat maps, studies, records, integrations – free Business account and discount for the upper plans (usually 100$/month).
  • Canva – complete design solution for “non-designers” – free Canva Pro (usually 119$/year/5 users).
  • Algolia – hosting, API and others – discount and free use (usually $1 на 1000 requests (searches)/month).
  • Workplace by Facebook → business and video collaboration (usually 4$/month/user).
  • Grammarly – writing and collaboration tool – free access to basic Grammarly features (usually 12.50$/month/user).
  • CopySmith – AI GPT-3 tool for creating content from artificial intelligence – 50% discount on all plans (usually 59$/month).
  • Trello – project and team management – 75% discount on all plans (usually 10$/month/user).

Asana – project and team management – 50% discount on all plans (usually 11$/month/user).

  • Technologies.
  • Sports.
  • Health.
  • Software and Internet.
  • Professional services (law, accounting, insurance, finance).
  • Arts.
  • Tourism.
  • Media and publishing.
  • Education.
  • Science.
  • Ecology.
  • Energy.
  • Agronomy.
  • Fintech.
  • Restaurants and hotels (HoReKa).
  • Logistics and transport.
  • Real Estate.
  • E-commerce.
  • Entertainment.
  • Production.
  • More examples here (link).

AdGrants has a few differences from standard Google advertising, the main one being that your ads can only appear on the keywords search engine, but not on the display and affiliate networks, for which you can have a paid standard profile at the same time. You can see more about Google advertising in its entirety on this page. More on AdGrants specifics here. Contact us if you have questions.

The whole process takes 1.5 to 3.5 months, during which your commitment is reduced to completing two questionnaires (no more than 4-5 hours for the whole project in total, divided into separate weeks). performs the entire procedure.

No. It depends on many factors which websites are eligible for the subsidy. Also from a legal point of view. We’ve worked with organizations from literally every industry there is. 300+ approved applications from 23 countries. 100% success rate. In practice, through our procedures and know-how, years of successful experience, a wide range of organizations can apply and be approved.

We have seven priority industries: education, sports, health, arts, tourism, services and technology. We have worked with sports clubs, museums, galleries, dental clinics, real estate agencies, hotels, private schools, business consultants, veterinarians, language schools, startup incubators, educational platforms, coaching and consulting organizations, educational organizations, social services, environment, zoos, operas, theaters, book authors and many more. Micro and SMEs. What they have in common is that they want to advertise their business. Both nonprofits with business models and commercial companies that do a lot of educational and community service. The grant is for organizations that can create value for specific target groups through their websites and activity.

Google provides a marketing budget to websites around the world to support them in creating valuable content for their target audiences. And it is not uncommon for various types of entities (consultants, social enterprises, micro, SMEs, etc.) to have their own non-profit organizations as a way to improve society and address certain topics. Social entrepreneurship and community engagement have a big impact – both on company performance and society’s perspective. Most of the successful non-profit organizations in the world are either created by successful companies/individuals and/or have effective business models.

Moreover, the legal entities that can apply and be approved from the eligible countries are many more than non-profit organizations – foundations, corporations, limited companies, trusts, institutes, social service providers, associations, sports clubs, foundations, religious organizations. And more importantly, we take care of that part too. Our model allows end clients to (a) use the opportunity to be approved for a grant (b) comply with AdGrants policies and (c) at the same time use it to generate new leads for their ongoing activities through content marketing.

This is a matter of personal choice and priorities, but the important thing is that there are searches and keywords for everyone, the grant is not limited in number and the approval of one organization does not restrict others from applying, being approved and using the grant. Accordingly, value can be delivered in many ways, including with educational content.

Yes. Our service includes the creation of a website according to your preferences (design, content, ideal customers) and priorities.

Contact form on this page.

Of course. Fill out the contact form on this page and we will send more information.

There are a lot of links and it can be confusing at times, so it’s best to contact us. But here and here you can see more information.

Given that we have no idea how much longer this program will be available, as it’s possible that Google will stop accepting new applications at some point, it’s better to act now. The good news is that even if they stop accepting new applications, all previously approved projects should continue to use the grant. Such was the situation with the Grants Pro program, where up to $40,000 per month was granted, as well as with the G Suite legacy free edition program. At the end of 2016, Google stopped accepting new Grants Pro applications, but all projects that were previously approved for the larger budget currently still have $40,000 per month for Google Search Ads.

90% as you would use a standard google ads account (google search ads). Ads on your priority keywords. The same goes for the conversions themselves. See more in this google document. Example ad conversions/actions/goals can be: purchases, ticket sales, membership sign-ups, email sign-ups, volunteer sign-ups, new membership form completions, petitions signed, quizzes completed, information requests submitted, calls to your organization, donations or engagement with content on your website.

Yes. This is an official program of Google – “AdGrants”. Our service is built entirely on the basis of the rules of the program. In the process of work, we also give detailed instructions and ideas so that you can use the grant smoothly and long-term.

You can only profit from one conversation with us. We are fanatics about work organization with processes and procedures.
Paid idea-cuate 120000.BG SOP Google Workspace page

Separately, we will also send ideas on how you can save 70%+ on the best software products: Google Workspace, Monday, CanvaPro, SalesForce, MailerLite, GetResponse, Trello, Asana, Slack, Zoom, Grammarly, Hotjar, CopySmith, HootSuite, MOZ, AirTable and more.

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