The most honest position there is.

No bulshit, straight to the point.

Time=money. Money=time.

1. We are looking for result-driven individuals who want to work in Sales.

  • Motivated and results-driven individuals with or without sales experience to join our growing team.
  • The individuals in this role would be responsible for prospecting, meeting online potential partners and customers, explaining our product, and guiding them through their purchase process.
  • We will give you all the know how we have for the development of your market.
  • If you are looking for a company with a great culture, flexible working arrangement, and an opportunity to grow… Then look no more!

2. Progress is our main focus.

  • We assist micro and SME to grow exponentially by increasing their marketing budget with $10 000 per month.
  • All we do is based on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
  • The services we provide focus on assisting valuable initiatives to be approved for Google Ad Grants.
  • It’s an in-kind advertising monthly grant from Google Ads.
  • Currently we have a 100% success rate and 300+ approved Ad Grants applications from 23 countries.
  • Our service has money back guarantee.

3. Why join our team?

  • We are at the TOP 10% of the companies in the world with well structured, tested and verified sales process which generates predictable results. Working with us is like being part of one of the best sales “academies”. Two months training is included.
  • The market potential is huge and to be exact – 154 countries around the globe.
  • An opportunity for very good earnings exceeding EUR 1000+ per month.
    • During the two-months training: only commission based per closed deal.
    • After the training: basic salary plus commission will be offered to the best performers.
  • Fully REMOTE work. Doesn’t matter where you’re located in terms of city and country.
  • Our team is purpose driven. We achieve our goals.
  • We are the best at what we do (our AdGrants service)
  • We work with other businesses by being B2B – you’ll communicate with decision makers who are progressive individuals.
  • Opportunities to grow on a professional level as an individual as well as within our company.
  • We have fun and help others grow.

Not later than the end of the current month. We will contact only the approved candidates.

4. What are the daily tasks?

  • Researching Marketing Agencies in different countries which are potential partners of ours.
  • Contacting 100 Marketing Agencies per month over email and Linkedin.
  • Meet with Decision Makers in the Marketing Agencies that have answered (online video meetings).
  • Closing procedure with the prospects. Start handling the warm prospects coming from the Marketing Agencies you’ve closed as partners.
    • Sending initial information about the service over email.
    • Meet with the interested prospects.
    • Close deals with the interested prospects.
See these processes for detailed information.

5. What is our working environment?

  • Supportive.
  • But also competitive – there will be incentives, bonuses and career opportunities for the best performers.
  • Fully REMOTE.
  • Based on SOPs (standard operating procedures). We want you to put your personality into the work. But we’ve built a skeleton to help you along the way.
  • Trello and G Suite are our offices. Learn to love them.

6. What qualities and skills are we looking for?


You have to be able to give the best of you, while no one is watching. All you need in order to work with us is character, laptop and an Internet connection. We give you tools, resources and the product to sell.

People skills.

Email communication and conversation (online video meetings) skills. Aptitude for persuasion and negotiation.

Progressive thinking.

No complaints, mumbling and use of negative words like “No”, “Can’t”, “No way” and all alike. We accept mistakes, but if you have the “No mindset” you will not fit in the team.


and research skills.

Advanced level of English.

7. How to apply?


Not later than the end of the current month. We will contact only the approved candidates.


Perform a specific task.

You will receive an email.


Meet with us through Google Meet video conference call.


Passing through a two-months training.

Which is essentially work with real prospects using our know how and support.

Our Purpose: Freedom.

Our actions create more freedom for team members & clients.

Our Values.

Lifelong Learning.

Under-promise, Over-deliver.

Positive Thinking.

Mutually Beneficial Transactions.

Details Matter.

Efficiency through procedures.

Not later than the end of the current month. We will contact only the approved candidates.