Our main activity is to assist valuable initiatives to be approved for Google Ad Grants.

It’s an in-kind advertising every month from Google Ads, an online advertising solution.

Google Ad Grants works just like Google Ads online advertising, by displaying your message to people who are searching for activities you do.

If you’re a qualifying organization, you’ll receive $10,000 USD in in-kind Google Ads every month.

For unlimited period of time.

You can advertise under each and every language and territory available in the Google Ads interface.

Our service is build based on SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) with guaranteed premium quality and results.

After the application approval you can advertise on a very wide range of keywords in Google’s search engine.

Dozens and hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of keywords related to which your Ads could show.

This Adwords budget will not only generate more traffic, but give you quantity and quality information based on which you can make data driven decisions.

Our activity includes everything for the successful approval – website development, content creation, project proposal and legal part.

Our mission is to boost progress.

Our goal is to assist 1 000 000 organizations and entrepreneurs to increase their marketing and organizational capacity and skills over the next five years.
100% success rate of all submitted applications.
3 year of experience.
Over 220 approved applications in 23 countries (the count is from March 2018, currently much more).

Money Back Guarantee.

Our team consists of proven and recognized experts from various fields.


Georgi. Leader and Biz Growth. Vast experience in Premium WordPress web development. Fanatic when it comes to work organization with processes and procedures for scaling and efficiency. Guest-speaker on subjects like SOP and Remote Work, entrepreneurship and motivation, B2B Sales, AdGrants. Awarded by the President of Republic of Bulgaria with “John Atanasov” and TOYP by JCI Bulgaria in Economics and Entrepreneurship areas.


Vyara. Leader and Jurist. Her expertise is in the area of commercial companies, non-governmental organizations and copywriting. To organize and be effective is part of her DNA. One of Vyara main qualities is to be creative. She is from the few members of the second edition of the “Leadership Academy” of the Council of Women in Business. Vyara has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs to legally structure their projects in order to reach different development opportunities.


Ivelina. Chief Project Manager. Specialist in online marketing with a passion for digital technologies, automation and innovation. More than ten years of experience in B2B sales, social media campaigns, consumer behaviour, copywriting and Google Ad Grants. Team player who values clear communication, good organisation and attention to details.


Evgeni. Chief Ad Grants Educator. For him trust is the most important factor when it comes to communication. He considers the successful sale a process which brings benefits to all parties involved. With more than a decade of experience in the areas of electronics and real estate companies. Evgeni has solid knowledge in the fields of online marketing, productivity, personal development and everything related to people’s decision-making processes.


Energetic and successfully combining personal with professional duties and volunteer activities. She is a leader herself, but knows how to follow and find her place in the team. Self-critic, perfectionist, interactive presentations-fan. She is an extremely efficient and time management expert – for less than six years she completed two master’s degrees, while working at the same time and became a mother twice. Her interests are related to sales, logistics, operations and procedure management. Lastly, she is always ready to talk about GoT or LOTR.


Senior Ad Grants Educator & Growth Hacker. She helps business owners to plan, organise and develop their projects from the starting point to the big success, and to increase their own work productivity. She loves optimizing anything and everything, including the operating procedures in her clients’ businesses, and their online marketing efforts. Over the last 10 years Silvina has managed a number of big online projects, each of them with more than 10 thousand monthly visits. She has led trainings for a few hundred people and is a member of the Bulgarian Association for Training and Development.