Build your Business Machine through SOP Systems (Standard Operating Procedures) and Digitize with Google Workspace

Hey, friends. Many of you might know that our team is obsessed with the possible and ultimate work systematization by high efficiency, free time and freedom in general. Without further ado, this is exactly the direction we are heading right now and when we established the service for building and developing the organizational capacity of entrepreneurs, micro, SMEs, startups, consultants and non profits. The industry and whether you operate only on one or many markets, as well as how many team members are currently part of your company does not matter. Bottom line is we can assist you. With experience of over 400 successfully completed projects and giving a 100% money back guarantee of successful integration, you should not have any worries. If one or more of the following characteristics are relevant to your current situation, at least contact us to discuss the topic:

  • You are using a free email service provider for work (joker - not good).

  • You are using the free Gmail for business communication (joker - not good and not professional).

  • You want more time to work on the business, not just in it.

  • You want centralization and fast access.

  • You are using the email provider included in your hosting plan - horde/roundcube/etc. (joker - not good).

  • You want more control and security over your company information.

  • You want more automation.

  • You want your team and you to be able to work completely or partially remotely.

  • You are unhappy with your current local server.

  • You want more free time.

  • You want to be able to make online meetings.

  • You want to reduce the infrastructure / account / users costs.

  • You want to use the Google products attached to your own domain address.

  • You want to make more sales (naturally).

  • You want to hire and train team members more easily.

  • You want a cleaner and smoother production process.

  • You want to have templates and checklists.

  • You want the business to be independent of the people on the team.

  • You want to scale the business.

  • You want to communicate faster and more efficiently with your team, clients and partners.

  • You want to be able to work from any device.

  • You want to delegate more efficiently.

  • You want more security on your company information.

  • You want to expand your activities outside of your current market.

Contact us by filling out this form – pick our brains.

We will send more information, we can schedule a meeting and if we identify that we can be helpful and it fits your priorities, we can do the integration.

No strings attached.

As a bonus, we will send a huge list of resources for SOP and systems.

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What is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace is a cloud based office infrastructure service. More specifically:
  • Gmail for every team member with the extension of your business domain and named as you please (

  • Google Calendar for organizing schedules and meetings.

  • Google Drive with 30 GB of disk space per user (can be increased).

  • Google Sheets - spreadsheets.

  • Google Meet - video and audio online and mobile meetings with up to 100 participants (can be increased).

  • Google Slides - digital and mobile presentations.

  • Google Documents with extensive opportunities for collaboration, sharing and teamwork.

  • Google Chat - secure protected chat.

  • Google Forms - digital and mobile questionnaires.

  • Google Keep - notes and checklists for task management.

  • Google Workspace Marketplace with more than 50 products for productivity, collaboration and more.

  • Full control of the company data with the Admin panel for administrative rights on the specified tools and users.

  • Google Sites - static websites and landing pages.

  • Google Groups - for organizing and sharing documents at different levels.

  • Constantly available online, offline and mobile access to these tools and documents.

  • Integration, email support, resources, checklists, wiki database with questions and answers.

Through our proposal you get everything available in Google Workspace Business Starter at the best market price with huge added value provided by us.


The benefits for you and your team:

You get the know-how, resources and templates,

which our team uses for the development of our company. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), processes, templates and sales checklists, production process, as well as our HR Recruiting process, which includes hiring, team training and onboarding new team members. The company has clients and partners from over 23 countries, completely remote based service and team members from 5 countries, as well as 3 main internationally productized services.

Increase of productivity through:

  • drastic reduction of the administration;
  • speed of communication;
  • hiring, training and managing team members remotely;
  • collaboration at the highest level.

Security and absolute control of all your know-how and data

and complete independence from any team member.

Minimizing the expenses

for business infrastructure and system administration.

  • Unlimited access anywhere anytime & from any device.
  • Building a database of questions and answers so that everyone on the team can access them whenever they need them and not waste time in unnecessary discussions.
  • Minimizing team communication.
  • Online Meetings and much more.

Using Google Workspace.

Top level cloud infrastructure at the best price.

Perspective Infrastructure.

It grows with the growth of your organization. Can be used simultaneously for up to 20 businesses / domains / websites without increasing the price.

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To take advantage of this proposal – contact us directly through the form. We will also send a huge list of resources for SOP and systems.


400+ successful projects. 100% money back guarantee for approval and integration or refund of the paid amount. A contract is also concluded, where the guarantee is legally described.

  • HERE и HERE you can find feedback for our work.
  • HERE – a small part of our clients.

HERE – video testimonials from Alexander (business coach), Deana (web developer), Nikolay (CTO), Stiliyan (marketing expert) and Velizar (entrepreneur).

Contact us through the form of this page for a personalized offer for your specific case. We guarantee the best price-quality-value ratio at a very affordable rate for each company. We have our own cost optimization methodology to help you. If you find better offers than ours somewhere, we will give you a better one. Contact us.

Resources, templates, and support for the most efficient use of Google Workspace and integration and maintenance of your system infrastructure. In addition, you can get 50%+ discounts on, but not limited to, the following products and services:

  • Zoom – online meetings software – 50% discount (usually €14/month).
  • SalesForce – CRM – 10 free SF Enterprise licenses (usually 150$/month/user).
  • GetResponse – email marketing and newsletter software – 50% discount from all the plans (usually at least €10/month/1000 contacts).
  • Slack – team collaboration chat software – 85% discount (usually 7$/month/user).
  • AirTable – data management and project collaboration software – 50% discount (usually at least 10$/month/user).
  • Hotjar – heat maps, studies, records, integrations – free Business account and discount for the upper plans (usually 100$/month).
  • Canva – complete design solution for “non-designers” – free Canva Pro (usually 119$/year/5 users).
  • Algolia – hosting, API and others – discount and free use (usually $1 на 1000 requests (searches)/month).
  • Workplace by Facebook → business and video collaboration (usually 4$/month/user).
  • Grammarly – writing and collaboration tool – free access to basic Grammarly features (usually 12.50$/month/user).
  • CopySmith – AI GPT-3 tool for creating content from artificial intelligence – 50% discount on all plans (usually 59$/month).
  • Trello – project and team management – 75% discount on all plans (usually 10$/month/user).
  • Asana – project and team management – 50% discount on all plans (usually 11$/month/user).
  • E-commerce.
  • Tourism.
  • Logistics, spedition and transportation.
  • Technology.
  • Sport.
  • Health and medicine.
  • Entertainment.
  • Software and Internet.
  • Wholesale and retail.
  • Restaurants and hotels (HoReCa).
  • Real Estate.
  • Professional services (law, accounting, insurance, finance).
  • Construction.
  • Media and publishing.
  • Production.
  • Education.
  • Science.
  • Food.
  • Fintech.
  • Ecology.
  • Energy.
  • Agronomy.
  • Examples on this page

Up to 300 users in up to 20 business domains without price increase. Each user with 30 GB of disk space. But if needed, both the number of users and the disk space can be increased.

Usually not more than a month (30 days). The team of performs the whole procedure. You have to spend 2-3 hours to complete several questionnaires.

No. The domain is technically linked to Google Workspace, which is taken care of by our team (you have no commitment). If you do not wish to grant access, a detailed procedure is sent.

Yes. No website needed. E.g. if your name is Bruce Banner and you want to get

  1. Our team can buy it for you and integrate it with Google Workspace.
  2. You don’t need to have a website on it.
  3. BUT if you want, at we have created over 200 WP websites with a premium responsive design, so we can talk about that, as well.

Through the contact form on the current page.

Of course. Please, first fill in the contact form on this page and we will send more information right after.

Gmail is OK to start with for personal use, but for work and business purposes it is better to use Google Workspace to your own domain address. The main disadvantages of using free gmail for work:

  • Lower level of security.
  • It is not completely under your control as any free thing.
  • You may violate GDPR (= potential fines).
  • It is not authoritative and professional.
  • The disk space (memory) is low.
  • You cannot create nor control team accounts (systems).

Yes. Considering the price-quality ratio and the 100% guarantee, there is practically no risk for you. The small number of people in the team (= user accounts) is a good time to integrate Google Workspace and the process systems, because it lays the right foundation for growth.

Yes. The largest integration that the team of has done is for 279 user accounts to three domain addresses.

Contact us through the form on this page to see if there is a way to reduce your costs.

It depends on whether you are satisfied with MS and whether you want to reduce your costs at the expense of migration. Sometimes it makes sense, others – not. Contact us through the form on this page to see if it would be effective for you.

You can only benefit from a conversation with us. We are fanatics on the topic of work organization with processes and procedures. We will also send a huge list of resources for SOP and systems.

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