Please review the up-to-date page on our AdGrants service here. Thank you.

Our main activity is to assist valuable initiatives to be approved for Google Ad Grants.

It’s an in-kind advertising every month from Google Ads, an online advertising solution.

Google Ad Grants works just like Google Ads online advertising, by displaying your message to people who are searching for activities you do.

If you’re a qualifying organization, you’ll receive $10,000 USD in in-kind Google Ads every month.

For unlimited period of time.

You can advertise under each and every language and territory available in the Google Ads interface.

Our service is build based on SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) with guaranteed premium quality and results.

With those $10k per month for Google Ads:

  • А) You should receive ~ 15 000 new visitors on the website.

  • B) From which ~ 200 leads (potential customers data - emails, phone numbers, names, etc.). All according GDPR.

  • C) You can also gather audiences for remarketing with Facebook pixel and Google Remarketing Tag.

  • D) And have a phone number on the website for direct contact with you.

  • E) As well as to advertise online and offline events.

  • F) And to use all other Google Ads advantages:

    – brand recognition and influencing;
    – faster results than SEO with better leads quality;
    – unlimited number of tests to see what works and what doesn’t;
    – many targeting opportunities (language; demography; location; devices and others);
    – automatic strategies for bidding and advertising.

1) Part One - Website.

The first part of our service is related to the website.

There are two main options.

First and most used – we build you new additional website directly related to your current activities, the profile of your ideal user (client) and the AdGrants requirements.

This is a 95% standard website with its specifics.

Of course, when you contact us, if you already have a website, we will revise it and if it is effective in terms of time and money for you to use your current web site, we will tell you (second option).

The goal here is a website with high quality.

2) Part Two - Content.

The website content has to respond to the questions of the user he is looking for in Google.

We aim for high quality user experience with the right content which answers the audience we are targeting.

We can create the content of the website for you according the profile of your ideal client (user) in order to have full symbiosis between keywords, ad copy and website content.

All the needed content is created by the copywriters in our team including the pages “About Us”, “Contacts”, “Privacy Policy”, Thank You page, articles and others.

3) Part Three - Project Proposal.

It goes through several phases.

Legal part, TechSoup, G4NP, Google Ad Grants.

We can assist with each one.

The lawyers in our team are here for the legal part as well as our experts in project management and marketing who take care for the rest of the steps in the application process.

Throughout the entire project, you will spend around 6 hours over a few weeks for a little email communication with us.

We will finish your application in about three months.

We do everything that needs to be done.

Literally you will receive six emails from us, on three of which you should take action.

The rest are educational where we share know how gathered in the last years how to spend the budget effectively.

4) Part Four - After Approval.

You have two main options.

First option – to delegate the Google Ads management.

We will connect you with a partner of ours if you decide to outsource.

Second option – you manage the budget with your own resources or with a member in your team based on the know how we are providing.

On every three month we gather feedback from our clients and we know that the ones which spend 1-2 hours per week on the Google AdGrants account and publish new content at least once per one-two months have high return on investment.

After the application approval you can advertise on a very wide range of keywords in Google’s search engine.

Dozens and hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of keywords related to which your Ads could show.

This Adwords budget will not only generate more traffic, but give you quantity and quality information based on which you can make data driven decisions.

Based on the empirical data we believe that we are amongst the best in the world when it comes to AdGrants.

On a weekly basis we review the approved applications we’ve worked, applications performed by colleagues around the world, official information from Google and other sources of information.
3 year of experience.
100% success rate of all submitted applications.
Over 220 approved applications in 23 countries mostly from areas health, sport, education, tourism, art and services (the count is from March 2018, currently much more).

Money Back Guarantee.

Feedback for our work can be found HERE and HERE (pdf docs).

Keep in mind that at some point this opportunity may NOT be available because Google could stop accepting new applications.

If Google decides to stop accepting new applications all the approved projects should continue to receive $10 000 per month.

No new applications could be submitted but the approved projects should continue to use Ad Grants.

That was the case with Google Grants Pro ($40 000 per month) as well as with the G Suite legacy free edition.

All Grants Pro approved projects before the closing of the application window still receive $40 000 per month for AdWords advertising of their websites.

Please review the up-to-date page on our AdGrants service here. Thank you.

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